Anastasya Shilova -  European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble

Anastasya comes from Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) where she did both, her Bachelor and Master in Chemistry, Physics, and mechanics of materials. Being highly motivated to move to the field of
structural biology, she recently joined the NanoMem training program on January 13, 2014 as a PhD student (ESR) at Manfred Burghammer's group. Her PhD project is to combine micro-/nano-diffraction methods employing serial crystallography data collection techniques for membrane protein crystals. The use of in-situ optical tweezers sample manipulation for such experiments shall also be explored. Anastasya is has started establishing close collaboration with Partner 5 (CNRS) and she is preparing for a collaborative lipidic cubic phase micro-jet micro-beam experiment scheduled at the ESRF in May 2014.


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