Structural biology of membrane proteins: from expression, to crystallization and serial crystallography by the IBS and ESRF (7th-9th December 2015)


Nanomem course 1 


In the frame of Nanomem, 2 teams from IBS and ESRF both members of this Marie-Curie ITN network, organized a 3-days course addressed to the PhD students of the European network and also to the students and young researchers of the site. The course took place from the 7th to the 9th of December. The first day was devoted to the presentation of several expression systems followed by a discussion, and to purification. The 2nd day happened on ID13 where students could experience serial crystallography using microcrystals of thaumatin, GLIC, and ubiquitin. Students also visited the EMBL crystallization platform and discovered the new developments for automatic crystal harvesting. On the 3rd day, the importance of the stability of membrane proteins for functional and structural studies was highlighted and several strategies to enhance stability were presented. A presentation of the new possibilities offered by electron microscopy with a visit to the microscopes ended the session. One of the speakers, scientist in a biotech company also nicely showed in his presentation how research activities are possible in private companies. Up to 12 students followed the course including 6 from the Nanomem network.

M. Burghammer (ESRF)
H. Nury, E. Pebay-Peyroula, S. Ravaud (IBS)